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My Experience | 11/28/2023

Hello, My name is Megan Gallagher, and I’ve been playing basketball at Pine Springs since the sixth grade. I’m currently in the seventh grade and since this has been such a great experience, I hope to play again in eighth. Playing basketball here has definitely been a good influence on me, and there are definitely some things that I won’t forget. Playing last year was a privilege, and it has also been one this year, so this has been my experience playing basketball here, at Pine Springs.
The first time that I walked on the court for practice, I was definitely scared. Walking into the locker room, I was nervous about being with all these tall and experienced players, so I didn’t say much and kept to myself. When we all walked onto the court, we started warming up and doing drills that I didn’t know about. They were calling plays I’ve never heard of, and I remember being worried about being an inexperienced player. I remember that I didn’t feel like I had a great shot, or ball movement, or much skill when it came to playing on the court. So, I left practice that day hoping that I could give a hundred percent for the rest of the week, and the rest of the season.
Second day of practice came around, then the third, and then a week went by, and even though I was still very new, I was starting to get a new understanding on how the game was played. I had never played basketball before, and to me, trying out was a longshot. I thought because I’d never played, that I wouldn’t make the team. Though I did, and I was definitely rewarded for trying out. I remember knowing that I didn’t fit in, but the coaches were very encouraging and my teammates accepted me.
Like I said, the coaches were definitely amazing, since they were always pushing you, but at the same time encouraging you. They were great and will always take your questions no matter what, but will push you to be the best. They were always ready to help you and make you a better player, and they will always see the best in you, and I’d definitely say the same now. So, when I got my position, I started playing better and knowing where to be definitely helped. We started to run plays, run drills, and really start working hard to get ready for games. So, by the time game day came, I was prepared along with the rest of my team. My first game was a ton of fun, even though it took a little time to adjust. So were the games that came after that, until the season ended. Through the year, I grew as a player, and a teammate, making sure that I always put in all the effort that I could.
Now, I’m in the seventh grade and have definitely grown in my skill. I’ve taken on a new perspective and have gotten better at my position, and taken on the role of one of the team leaders. Though I’ve seen many new people on this team, I am very excited to see how we work together. This team may have new faces, but I’ve seen so much skill, and so much potential in these players, and am very excited for the oncoming season. We are early in the season, but already we’re showing great promise for the rest of the year. I love working with these players, and with these coaches who have definitely helped me a ton. I’ve had a great experience playing on the Pine Springs basketball team, and I hope that next year, my last year, will be even better. Playing here has definitely been one of a kind, and I hope that players that come after me have the same, great experience. If not, better.